Jul 15, 2010

Hunee Bee Hunt Item from Shapes by Kira

Hi everyone! This is the skin that I have in the Hunnee Bee Hunt that goes on from July 10-30th. You can only find her at Shapes by Kira. Hurry and get yours before your time runs out! Just look for the rather large bee hidden in the store. I will give you a hint about where to find her.......I recently released a new skin......the bee is VERY near to Lilia! Good luck!

Jul 14, 2010

New! Lilia Child Avatar - Skin and Shape Combo

Lilia Child is the newest skin and shape from Shapes by Kira and Corrupted Innocence. T
his skin matches the new Lilia adult skin that was fresh on the shelves this past week and her shape was created from the Lilia adult shape so that the child avatar looks very similar to the adult form.

This is a great set for mother and daughter or buy them separately. Lilia Child shape is copy/modify and sells for $800L. The skins come with 4 options. With or without a hairbase and without or without a bathing suit. When I decided to do a child skin, I wanted to make a skin that was anatomically correct. So many child avatars in SL wear adult skins that just do not look right with a lot of clothes they wear. I have created Lilia so that she looks like a little girl no matter what you wear on her. The skins are $600L for the pack but you can save by buying the combination of the skin and shape together for only $1000L.