Jan 31, 2009

Same Damned Thing - Part 2 Kira's take

Now we have Kira's take on the Achariya same damned thing challenge. See how different even we did it, and we often joke that we are twins sometimes because of the way we like the same Things. LOL

Same Damned Thing

Hi, well I had to do this challenge from Achariya because I do feel that if we blog the same thing, the way in which it is expressed by each of us will be different. That difference could be what makes you stop and look or it might spark a idea for a new outfit or whatever. I personally have never been bothered by repeat posts (I may have missed one anyway), mostly I am just happy to see other ideas and creativity. Plus, seeing a item on other avatars, many times helps me decide if want it or not. I could have thought I didn't like something until I saw it on someone else in their blog. See, each persons expression of something could mean all the difference. *sticks tongue out* :)

Anyway, here is what I came up with.

Jan 27, 2009

Ex-Pose - Capture Some Romance To Your Second Life

We have a new pose store on the grid and they have the most adorable couple poses. Ex-pose has the goal to capture the softer, sweeter, more tender side of Second Life couples. It is a collaborative effort from Chaddi Masala and Milli Santos.

Ex-pose does custom orders as well as adjustments to your poses if you need this service. I found these poses to be very well made, and I think they have achieved their goal of romantic and sweet by far.

If you are a creator, and would like to use any Ex-Pose poses in your items, they do offer full perm animations too, just contact them.

You can see all the poses available on their blog here.
You can shop OnRez or if you prefer to shop in world they have stores at the following locations:
Oh, there is also a flickr group here. So, get your honey and a nice location then snap away!


Kira and I entered Sways Snowman contest. We decided we needed to take a break from working and to build something for once. It was A LOT of fun, we had a total blast and the best part is...we both won! Not the grand prizes but we won 1000L gift card to Sway's! WOOOOT Cookie Bears here we come!

Sway's Creations Snowman Contest - Kira's Snowbank Robber Snowman and my Oopsies Snowkid

My Oopsies Snowkid


Jan 5, 2009

Moody Bare Follow Up

After trying the ColorPic in different environmental settings in SL, we have discovered that it works best with the Redgrave preset light settings. For a copy of the settings, please visit the Redgrave store or stop by Shapes by Kira where we have conveniently placed the settings in a box for you to pick up at the landing point.

Jan 3, 2009

Moody Bare Lovers Tip

Today we decided to share a little tool with those of you, like Kira and I, who love their new Moody Bare feet. If you are one of the lucky ones that has a Mac instead of a PC, you already have a similar tool. This is a tool for PC users who want to match your skin tone to your new feet easily, and it is FREE!

It is called ColorPic and all you do is mouse over the color you want to match and then type the RGB code into the Moody menu. To get to that menu click your foot and the menu comes up, click the skin button> control freak >direct input and enter the RGB numbers. If the number is only 2 didgets, put a zero first. Here are some pictures of my skin match job, and a screenshot of the ColorPic program. I am sure many of you already know this stuff, but for those that don't it is a lot easier then trying to adjust the color via the +/-, in my opinion.

Link to get ColorPic: