May 25, 2009


Kakaue Kreations @ Corrupted Innocence has just released a new boot, which I am very honored to present to you because it was named after lil ol me! WOOT! *feels all special and stuff*

The Tesa Boot is a fun and spunky, knee high, tie up on 2 sides, all sculpted boot. It is available in 14 different colors, so there is probably a color to match many of your favorite outfits.

The 'special' is the fatback which gives you all 14 colors via a hud that you can change both the color of the boot and/or the color of the laces. I like how I can mix in 2 colors to my outfit when I need a little extra color to pull it together. You will notice that some of the color's are not that of typical shoe color out there, there are some really bright, beautiful, fun, screaming I am not another fall or winter boot. Also with the laces on both sides it does leave a very airy warm weather feel to these boots, In the fall I will toss on some tights or legwarmers.

Have a look and if you want to test drive them, here is a ride to Kakaue Kreations @ Corrupted Innocence. Hope to see you there!

Tesa Jewell

May 21, 2009


As I am sure most of you know, today we celebrate the one and only Callie Cline. I am not surprised that she did all of this for the bloggers because that is how Callie is, thinks of other people all the time. I was very surprised by all that came from this though. Not only did we get showered, well poured on with gifts from designers all over the grid but we found new friends and have connected to other bloggers that I know personally really enjoy their company. We had a group for the duration of this event, and so many of us requested that we keep the group that we are working on just that. This is all thanks to you Callie, you brought us together, you spread sun shine just as you always do, THANK YOU!

To all the designers, I was going to do individual thank you cards to each, but I would be here until next year. So many very, very nice gifts and words, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

I took some pictures of some of my favorite Callie creations to share, if you haven't been to Callie Cline's store please take a look, she really has some cute stuff and different then you see at many other places.

Also have a couple of quick news announcements of some going on's