Feb 26, 2009

Call of the Nile Flickr Contest

As a tribute to all the designers participating in the Digital Alchemy event, Rezzable is hosting a flickr photo contest "Call of the Nile". Take a picture of any item from the Digital Alchemy event hosted at Kings Rezzable, and showcase it in a picture with an egyptian theme for your chance to win 10,000L and other prizes. This is a chance for your creativity to shine! Submissions begin today, with the group closing on March 4th. The winner will be announced at the Digital Alchemy show on the 7th and here on the site. Have fun everyone and can't wait to see what you come up with!

Submission begins Feb. 17th and ends March 4th. Results revealed on March 7th at 4am SLT at the Digital Alchemy show as well as on the Rezzable website.
Rules and Guidelines

* If you would like to take part in this contest, you must have an account on Flickr.
* All the submissions in the contest must be submitted to the “Call of the Nile” Flickr group.
* Maximum 2 entries per person.
* You must be wearing at least one item from the Digital Alchemy event located on the Kings Rezzable sim. Can be hair, shape, jewelry, skin, clothes, shoes, or furniture.
* The item chosen MUST be showcased prominently.
* Item must be given credit in the description.
* The photograph must have an Egyptian setting.
* No pornography allowed, let’s keep these photos PG-13.
* Post-processing is allowed.

Rezzable reserves the right to use the winning entries for promotional purposes, but will always supply proper attribution to the image’s flickr page or the owner of the flickr account of the winning entry.

One (1) winner

* Featured on the Rezzable website.
* 10,000L cash
* Your choice of any one (1) shape by Kira Paderborn of Corrupted Innocence and *Shapes by Kira*.
* An exclusive color of the Lotus necklace by Candy Cerveau of .::eyecandy::.. .
* 1000L store credit from Tabitha Ninetails of Laughing Academy.
* 2500L gift card from SySy Chapman of SySy's Designs.

That is some good prizes O.O

Feb 24, 2009

These Boots Are Made For Walking

We Haz Go Go Boots! Kakaue of Kakaue Kreation has made these awesome new boots, and they are lickalicious. These came to be because Kira found a picture of these boots online and fell in love with them. She then begged Kakaue to make them for her and BAM! we reap the benefits too. YAY! Here is the photo that inspired.

They come in 9 different colors, or if you buy the special, you get all colors and the optional rings. The hud changes both the color of the boot and the rings. With the rings you can pick any color you want in the color pallet. These have really great textures and if you do get the special package with color change they are quite useful for many different looks. In my opinion, the boots without the rings create a whole different look than with them, and the different colors give off a different feel as well. I think maybe because of the texture - whatever it is, it works well.

Kakaue is fairly new to our sim, although not new to the grid. Kakaue's shoes are taking a new direction now that they are made from sculpties, and by the look of the work and detail of this new style, I think we all should keep an eye on this designer. If you are a shoe addict like me, we have to keep an eye out for new candy, right? Come check out the store, Kakaue Kreation here at Corrupted Innocence, and try out a demo.

Okay enough of me rambling on - here are the goods!

Feb 22, 2009

Fashionable Relay Challenge

/me grabs the Petal Purse by Shiny Things from Chignon's post, runs then dives into the deep dark bottomless inventory. Tossing things left and right over my shoulder in search of the perfect items, I found myself actually sorting. O.O

Finally found my most favorite Chiffon pants from Daphne's store, ve.ne'ra.re. Layered delicate material forms the bootleg-like bottom which just gives you feeling of 'oh so sophisticated and dressy' yet casual and comfortable. I love these pants.

Next, I needed a top that would do all the pants do and in a great color. When I think of soft, light, beautiful detail and textures that make you believe you could wear them in RL, I think Zaara. So, I found my Zaara folder and pleasantly surprised my self with the Kavi top that I had forgotten I had. Wooot! I can't have Zaara pass through my thoughts and not remember how I first found her. The jewelry, sigh, I remember being so excited and IM'ing or TP'ing in friends to show them all my new discovery. Therefore, I just had to wear the Kaya onyx silver set to compliment my ensemble.

Back to the item I picked to relay, the Shiny Things Petal Purse. I have to be honest and tell you I had already bought this the day before, so I was very excited to see it as one of my options. I have every posible flower from Fallingwater so there was no doubt I had to get this the minute I heard about it, loving her flowers as I do. Then my friend Ponk asked me if I was carrying a big tongue around and now, I can't see the petal, I see a big tongue. Its a great tongue though, and I carry my tongue with much pride thank you very much. :p

To go along with my tongue I needed the Shiny things Plainers, because well, because they are awesome and they are open toed but you can't see my SLeet. *smiles* I like that.

Moving along to the hair, I have one thing to say, try on before you judge. I never have been a Minnu person, oops I mean a LeLutka person but this [LeLutka] Peta hair has been on my head for days now. What is up with all the name changing everyone is doing? You know how long it took me to get to learn all these names to begin with, geeze. I also didn't want to sport new Maitreya hair like everyone and their sister, I will wait a bit and then bring it out and start the wave again LOL.

Oh, the skin, yummy. This is Emporio Caproni, Tessy and I want to lick my lips.

/me hollars over to Gidge I'm done, your up. Good luck and have fun, I know I did. Thank you Sasy this is a blast! Even with all the camera and pose stand issues I entailed, I half expected Murrphy to show up anyway.

All credits:
Emporio Caproni 'EC Skin v2 ~ Tessy ~ Tanned ~ Line ~ D5'

[LeLutka]-PETA_A - Gold Blond Hair

ve.ne'ra.re ** Chiffon Pants ** Black

Zaara : Kavi top *pink*
Zaara : Kaya Onyx Silver earrings, necklace and braclets

*REDGRAVE* Ring black saphire / oversize / L

Purse:(Shiny Things) Petal Bag - valentine
Shoes: (Shiny Things) Plainers - pink

Digital Eyes - Fashionable accessories - Sunglasses 101

Feb 16, 2009

Thank you Winter

to Winter for raising L643,477
for the Australian brush fire relief.

Thank you Winter for all your hard work in pulling this event together. I don't think it will be forgotten, you navigated through all the obstacles thrown out there and kept your vampy self calm, cool and collected. The talk of the feeds and chats today were nothing but positive reflections of this spectacular event you organized. Thank you!


As promised, I bring you the next shoe from the one and only Jimmy Chau. These are delicious beauties, as we would only expect from Jimmy.

The Surudoi is a pointy toed slinky, ultra high stiletto. As all of his shoes they are fully sculpted and hand textured. I have to say here, that I am not a pointy toed type girl myself, but the point on the toe is very umm subtle or something, I cannot pinpoint exactly, but I like them. It might have something to do with the way Jimmy's shoes fit me so well. When I try on a demo and look at both feet, wow do you see the great fit. I was going to post a picture to show you, but I don't want to show something negative about another designers shoes because believe me I love all of the shoes in my inventory. No bias here, I want all the shoes on the grid.

Available in 4 colors; Black, Blue, Red and my favorite, Pink.

Visit Jimmy's store here at Flawless
See Jimmy's Blog


Feb 12, 2009


Shoes, shoes, OMG shoes! Those of you that know me, know how I am with shoes, I LOVEEEEE SHOES. Now I am in heaven, as we have two new shoe designers here at Flawless/Corrupted Innocence, and can we say YUMMY!

Today, I bring you Mr. Jimmy Chau (ha ha I know, I know, cute huh), well so are his creations. You will want to lick these shoes. Jimmy is an experienced 3D modeler and graphic designer. He has always been an admirer of shoe design and has come to a point in his life where he has the opportunity to explore that with his 3D and graphic talent. Therefore, WE reep the benefits! YAY!

He currently has 5 different styles out and each comes in 4 different colors. But he is cranking out new colors and more designs as we speak. So, I am going to show you what is available thus far, then I will keep you posted on new releases as they come. Sound good? Shoooooes! *bounces*

First up is the Bettie, a super high heel sculpted ankle boot with zipper and tab detailing, made in shiny patent leather.

Lily is the classic stiletto of the group, the shape of the toe has such a gradual curve it will make both round toe lovers and square toe lovers BOTH happy.

The Cougar is for those wild nights, for when you want to add some extra spice to your look.

Miki is for you wedge lovers out there.

Yumiko brings a little more of a warmer weather look with the open toe design.

The quality of these shoes are amazing, I think his love for shoe design is shown in his work. Realistic sculpted sexyness for your tootsies, nahm nahm.

Feb 11, 2009

Victoria Australia Relief Effort

My friend, Margo Imako has created a special corset set for the Victoria, Australia relief effort. The cost is $250L, and 100% will go to the Australian Red Cross specifically to benefit the victims of the Bushfire s.

The set includes a corset, gloves, pants, and inside and outside boots all for only $250L! I have it in my store til the end of the month.

Here's the corset....

and the limo to the store.


The corset is right inside the door to the right, near my subscriber kiosk and my free Valentines skins and clothes. Come and show your solidarity with our Aussie friends!


♥Kira Paderborn

Feb 9, 2009

Free Male and Female Skin and matching his & hers loungewear


Hi hi!!!

I am getting ready for the opening of my second sim, Corrupted Innocence, and wanted to share with you some of the juicy goodness that you will be able to find on the new sim. As you may know, Corrupted Innocence is a brand developed by both Alexxis Laszlo and me where we sell our products together. We both offer a wide range of shapes including caucasian, Asian, African, Egyptian, Hispanic, and other nationalities for both males and females. We each also have our own line of skin. They will be sold on the new sim. Some of the male skins as well as the Egyptian shapes can be found at the new sim already.

I would like to present a gift of FREE SKIN and FREE CLOTHES to all group members as a thank you to you all, for Valentine's day. You will find these gifts at both the Shapes by Kira main store at Flawless and the Corrupted Innocence store on the Corrupted Innocence sim. You must be a member of either group to get the free gifts and to join there is a small charge of 25L because of the free goodies.

Here are some pictures of the free gifts as well as the Egyptian shapes and skins.

Feb 5, 2009

Egypt-inspired shapes

We have a new line of shapes to show you. This is the Egyptian line created for the upcoming Digital Alchemy’s Egypt-inspired exhibit at the Rezzable's King sim.

There is much time, hard work, attention to every detail invested in these shapes as I personally have watched Kira everyday and night work on them. Therefore, you can expect great quality. They are available now at our Corrupted Innocence store.

5'11" Akana (meaning Vessel. Bowl) is a copy/mod Corrupted Innocence shape created by Kira Paderborn specifically for Wasabi Pills skin called Egyptian - Akhet. Items used to style Akana include hair from Detour called [Detour] Bliss - Black - Flexi Hair, top from Bare Rose called ::: B@R ::: Bastet Black Shirt, bikini bottoms from Simone called (Simone!) The Ritz in Gold Panties (Pants Layer), and bracelets from creator Flamey Manhattan called Spangles Gold. Eyes from Redgrave called Eyes Chloe -DiamandBlue- *REDGRAVE*.

6'0" Shimei (meaning Desire) is a copy/mod Corrupted Innocence shape created by Kira Paderborn specifically for Wasabi Pills skin called Egyptian - Taueret. Items used to style Simei include hair from Detour called [Detour] Placebo II - Black - Flexi Hair, and clothes and jewelry called Egyptian Black and Gold~16 Pieces! from Badkatz and pants called Digit Darkes Collection-Gold Snakeskin leather Pants from Digit Darkes. Eyes from Redgrave called Eyes -SaintTropez- *REDGRAVE*.

5'11" Kifi (meaning Bosom of a woman) is a copy/mod Corrupted Innocence shape created by Kira Paderborn specifically for PXL skin called EFE. Hair from Fetish Boutique called [FB] Zoey - Black. Clothes created by Shaoshan Llanfair called Nile Princess. Eyes from Redgrave called Eyes Laura Neverforget -Cyan- *REDGRAVE. Scarab necklace by Kira Paderborn

5'9" Nafretiri (meaning Beautiful Creation) is a copy/mod Corrupted Innocence shape created by Kira Paderborn specifically for Wasabi Pills skin called Egyptian -Nephthys. Hair from Detour called [Detour] Serendipity II - Black - Flexi Hair. She is wearing jewery, a head piece, and a top called egypt- undershirt by Martonse Dryke from the Box - Egyptian Girl set and a Grass Thong by Kira Paderborn. Eyes from Redgrave called Eyes Laura Neverforget -Cyan- *REDGRAVE.

6'2" Kebi Shape (meaning Honey) is a copy/mod Corrupted Innocence shape created by Kira Paderborn specifically for Wasabi Pills skin called Egyptian - Nekhebet. Items used to style Kebi included eyes and lashes from Redgrave called *REDGRAVE* Eyes Kiara - Brown-, and hair from Influence by Naughty called -N- "Imaginary" - Black Pearl. Kebi't top is from Creations store owner Jet Bates and is FREE at Corrupted Innocence. She wears panties from Shaoshan Llanfair called Nile Princess Panties. Her necklace is from Eye Candy called Egyptian Lotus Necklace.

6'0" Amisi Shape (meaning Flower) is a copy/mod Corrupted Innocence shape created by Kira Paderborn specifically for The Obscene skin called the oBscene-CLEO. Items used to style Amisi include eyes from Redgrave called Eyes -SaintTropez- *REDGRAVE*, hair from Influence by Naughty called [ND] "Maya" - Black Pearl, a top from Bare Rose called ::: B@R ::: Bastet White Shirt, panties from Bare Rose called ::: B@R ::: Phuket Gold Underpants, and bracelets created by Tekelili Tantalus called Kemet.

5'5" Aisha Shape ( meaning Peace, Truce) is a copy/mod Corrupted Innocence shape created by Kira Paderborn specifically for The Obscene skin called the oBscene-CLEO. Items used to style Aisha include Eyes from Shapes by Kira called *Shapes by Kira* Funky Blue Eyes - 02, Hair from Kurotsubaki called *KUROTSUBAKI*hair_heart_7_black, Clothes called Egyptian Queen from Knights Innovations.

6'0" Khait Shape (meaning Crowned) is a copy/mod Corrupted Innocence shape created by Kira Paderborn specifically for PXL skin called EFE. Hair from Exile called Exile Mcpherson twilight, eyes from Shapes by Kira called *Shapes by Kira* Seriously Dark Brown Eyes - 01, nose/ear ring from PA Designe called Nose Ear ring gold, slave bracelet from PA Designe called 3 rings gold slave bracelet, Wrist cuffs and upper arm cuffs, Ankh staff, and the white prim skirt are from the Rebel Hope Cleopatra Costume. Bikini from Armidi called Armidi - Tricote Nada / Gold. Neclace called Egypt- Collier and collar called Egypt- Platron are from Martonse Dryke from the Box - Egyptian Girl.

6'10" Kahotep (meaning Peaceful Essence) is a copy/mod Corrupted Innocence shape created by Kira Paderborn specifically for Corrupted Innocence Flawless Skin called Ashan. Kahotep is wearing clothing from Creations store owner Jet Bates which is FREE at Corrupted Innocence! Eyes are from Redgrave called Eyes Christina -Amber- *REDGRAVE*

6'8" Amahté (meaning To have power over) is a copy/mod Corrupted Innocence shape created by Kira Paderborn specifically for Corrupted Innocence Flawless Skin called Ashan. Amahté is wearing clothing from Shaoshan Llanfair called Pharaoh (box) as well as a red collar called Egypt - plastron created by Martonse Dryke and a jewelled collar called Collar Necklace from Yummy Freelunch. Eyes are from Redgrave called Eyes Brad -Grey- *REDGRAVE.