Jun 29, 2009


The Flawless Date Auction, Shapes by Kira and the Flawless sim, and the Corrupted Innocence sim bring you a very fun photo contest that does not require anyone to pay to vote for you. Contestants will pick up a free HUD, join the Flawless Date Auction and the Date Auction group, and take a picture of themselves wearing one item from either the Flawless or Corrupted Innocence sims. They must show an emotion with their picture. Photos will be judged by the contest owners. Prizes are as follows:

1st prize - $10,000L + $5,000L in gift certificates
2nd prize - $5000L + $2500L in gift certificates
3rd prize - $1000L + $1000L in gift certificates

For more information on the contest, visit the date auction at Flawless, SL's #1 date auction.

Jun 28, 2009

Happy 4th of July to Our USA Friends!

Just in time for the 4th of July, Kira Paderborn has added a freebie outfit (available to any member of Shapes by Kira, Corrupted Innocence, or Flawless) perfect for that party at the beach or hanging out at a friend's house. The camisole style top has an Americana star on the front and the short shorts are accented with matching stars at the front pocket. Three other 4th of July inspired outfits are along side the freebie. Two of the outfits are shorts and a top and they sell for only $50L each. The other is a bikini with a pair of matching shorts. It sells for only $75L. The clothes are just a portion of the kinds of things you can find at KPI Fashions located on the Flawless sim.

Jun 21, 2009

Realistic Sculpted Toes For Shoe Designers

Les Orteils de Beaumont

Realistic Sculpted Toes for your new sexy shoe line!

Hi ya'll I have something new for you from Corrupted Innocence but it is more for you shoe designers who don't do sculpties but appreciate the sculptie toes now all around the grid. NEW TOES!

Hu Beaumont (aka Kira's other half) is a fantastic builder, scripter and, you guessed it, sculptor. He is also the lucky guy who gets to look at all the goodies Kira and I come home with from our shopping sprees, and with us, many times that means shoes/feet. So, I guess we inspired him or he was bored today or something but the outcome is new, pretty, scutlpted toes! Pick yours up at Corrupted Innocence, as you land come through main enterance and they are on the right wall next to the gift certificates.

- 5 sculpties for the toes (1 for each toe)
- 1 sculptie for the toe nail
- 1 example sculptie model which shows you how to put everything together
- High LOD

Made in AC3D

The sculptie maps may be used in both free or for-sale projects, but may not be given away, sold or otherwise distributed on their own.

Oh, BTW a little birdie told me that a brand new female skin is going to be released around here very soon, so stay posted!

Tesa Jewell

Jun 15, 2009

Three new shapes

Just released at Corrupted Innocence are three new shapes by Kira Paderborn. These shapes were designed to be worn with darker skins for a more ethnic look. However, as you can see, they work well with many other skin types too. Come on down to Corrupted Innocence and try a demo. Kira's shapes are all sold with copy/mod rights and can also be bought either copy only or transfer only. Style cards are included with purchases as well as lashes fitted to the shape.

See you at Corrupted Innocence!

Jun 6, 2009


I am sure most of you have heard about Tuli's new skin, Hope. What a beauty she has made this time. This is my personal favorite of them all. I have worn it non-stop since receiving it. I also like Faith on me but Hope... WOW!

Well, Kira and Alexxis work with Tuli making shapes for her skins. Kira has made three fantastic shapes to go with the Hope skin. I will show you the new shapes (out today) as well as some of the different make up versions on two of the new shapes.

The makeup's on Tuli's Hope skins are just amazing. I really like some of the effects she did with the eyeshadows. They look really pretty on because, I think, normally I go for a more bland shadow color but when I wore these I really liked the look a lot. It isn't too 'loud' and yet it is a bit different. The perfect balance. I also think that the colors of the lips are refreshing and, as with the eyes, she balanced tones so they were not natural, but also not bright, loud colors. I cannot find any flaws at all on this skin, it is seemlessly perfect. As Tuli has been doing now she gives you the skin in each black, blonde, red, and brown eyebrow colors. I wish I would have done a blond photo because as I am usually blond and us blonds know how hard it is to find good blond hair and even more so a skin with good blond eyebrows, as Tuli's has.

The first shape I will show you is the Hope shape (not sure why we don't see more shapes named the same as the skin they were created for). Hope was created for Tuli's Hope skins but, as with all of Kira's shapes, Hope has been tested with a variety of other skins also to assure that no matter what skin you wear on her, you will look fabulous.

Next is the Mae shape for Hope,

Another shape for Hope that was just finished up today is Xian II
The skins and the shapes are available now at Tuli's main store @ Journey
Also see Sasy's post on Tuli's Hope skin here

Tesa Jewell

Other Credits:

EYES: Sin Skins Intense II Med Blue eyes


BIKINI: Wild Girl Bikini from BOOM @ The Deck