Jul 31, 2009

The GoGo 2 Boot & new mens sculpted shoes

Remember the Go Go Boots from Kakaue Kreations? Well, a second version has been released, a different texture to see this time for those of you that prefer a more textured look as opposed to the solid color. Also these have a nicely done zipper on the side and a optional chain with optional metal choices around the ankle of the boot. As in the first Go Go, the special is the fatpack where you get all 12 colors and the hud to change them at the push of a button. Easy to move on to next outfit by just changing the color of your boot from a drop down. Here are a few pictures I took of me with the boots on and then one showing you all the colors available.

I really like these boots and the color change is the final grip that wins me because it is so nice to just click to change and match a new outfit, I know, I am lazy like that. Stop by Kakaue Kreations and try out a demo.

Also released from Kakaue Kreations, some very nice sculpted men's shoes called .... YaY for more men's shoes, I know they need more good quality shoes to choose from. So you guys come along with the gal's and try out a demo as well.

Here is the limo ride for you.

Other Credits:

Hair Truth
Top Naughty Designs
Skirt Adam & Eve

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