Sep 28, 2009


OK the time has arrived finally! The Kakaue hunt kicks off today, October 1st! I am going to show you some more of the fab stuff that has been put out for this hunt.

Taila Saenz of L&M Furniture has this awesome Blackflower Chillout Set out for the hunt. This is really cool furniture, I love the contemporary look to the couch so much I will be putting it out when I go back to living in a house someday.

Sculpty yummilicious ankle boots from Magnifico, If you haven't checked out the shoes here, you may want to do that, like soon. Lots of different styles and make sure to check out the Envy boot, My personal favorite. :)
Kira has put out a special edition of her new Eva skin for the hunt, look how cute this skin is! You don't want to miss on this.
A beautiful dress from Ema's and then some more furniture sets, whole sets from Out Of Style and Lexus.
Candy from A Piece Of Candy has a cute dress out for the hunt, sooo cute too!
I have been trying to take some pictures of some of the things here in the hunt, but SL doesn't want me to take pictures right now apparently because I crash every single time I attempt. I am glad I took these pictures of the book way back when SL didn't decide to give me trouble. I don't want to take up too much space so I will tease you with this much so far, but there are plenty more great items in this hunt.

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