Jan 31, 2009

Same Damned Thing

Hi, well I had to do this challenge from Achariya because I do feel that if we blog the same thing, the way in which it is expressed by each of us will be different. That difference could be what makes you stop and look or it might spark a idea for a new outfit or whatever. I personally have never been bothered by repeat posts (I may have missed one anyway), mostly I am just happy to see other ideas and creativity. Plus, seeing a item on other avatars, many times helps me decide if want it or not. I could have thought I didn't like something until I saw it on someone else in their blog. See, each persons expression of something could mean all the difference. *sticks tongue out* :)

Anyway, here is what I came up with.

1 comment:

deenarios said...

Ok so that has to be the hottest non lesbian chick thing i have ever seen. You better teach me how to set this world thing up. I want my own. YOU ROCK GIRL!