Jan 27, 2009

Ex-Pose - Capture Some Romance To Your Second Life

We have a new pose store on the grid and they have the most adorable couple poses. Ex-pose has the goal to capture the softer, sweeter, more tender side of Second Life couples. It is a collaborative effort from Chaddi Masala and Milli Santos.

Ex-pose does custom orders as well as adjustments to your poses if you need this service. I found these poses to be very well made, and I think they have achieved their goal of romantic and sweet by far.

If you are a creator, and would like to use any Ex-Pose poses in your items, they do offer full perm animations too, just contact them.

You can see all the poses available on their blog here.
You can shop OnRez or if you prefer to shop in world they have stores at the following locations:
Oh, there is also a flickr group here. So, get your honey and a nice location then snap away!

1 comment:

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