Mar 8, 2009

New Skins [[FAD]]

Today I would like to introduce a new skin designer, Aliza Rascon, creator of [[FAD]] Skins. I have been watching Aliza work on her skins for many months now, and let me tell you, she is very hard on herself. The fact that she has finally released some of her creations is reason to celebrate. There have been many that didn't meet her standards, although they certainly met mine. I guess my point is that she is very particular, which I think is a good trait to have in a designer, and especially in a skin designer. I mean this is our SKIN, we need perfection right?

What I also want to show you here is how different the same skin looks on different shapes. This picture shows 2 avatars both wearing the same [[FAD]] skin! So come and try out a demo and see how they look on you.

[[FAD]] skins are available now at Corrupted Innocence and Flawless

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