Oct 18, 2008

Shaping Up Your Second Life - Next Round

Hi everyone, *waves* I am back and as promised I have more great shapes to show you! After this I am going to be posting again right away to tell you more about the grand re-opening of Flawless next weekend. We have LOTS of goodies planned for you, you will not want to miss out on these, trust me. Okay, Lets take a look at more of the awesome work Kira has done!

The following shapes were all created for the newest line of skins from Fashioncentric Soda. The skins are young looking and the shapes that were created especially to go with each skin reflect that youthfulness. Though the shapes were created for the Fashioncentric Soda skin line, they all went through the rigorous skin tests that all Shapes by Kira shapes must pass. You can be sure that any skin you wear on these shapes will look fantastic.

First up we have Julia "The Sorority Sister" - Julia is sweet and preppy and ready for a pajama party with her girlfriends. She has a petite frame and a perky look. As the popular girl in college, she is the one that everyone wants to get to know.

Next is Kara "THE Princess" - Kara is a pretty princess that you read about in fairy tales. She likes pink and frilly things and always minds her manners. She is kind and attracts all the princes in the land. She is intelligent and has a love for all creatures great and small.

Then we have Alice "The Mistress" - Alice is the woman you don't want your partner to hire as his assistant. She looks as sweet and innocent as the girl next door. But deep down, she is on the hunt for her next big catch. She is tall and curvy in all the right places.

Last but not least is Cecily "The Vixen" - Cecily is the most popular shape created for the line. She is the woman that other women envy and men desire. She has a voluptuous body and kissable lips and the ability to wrap men around her finger with just a glance.

I'm really excited about the new Soda skins too. Okay kids, I will be back very soon with more info on the re-opening and what kinds of things you may find for FREE! I also am going to tell you about the other designers we have here at Flawless and maybe give you a sneak peek at some of their work - check back soon!!

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