Oct 11, 2008

Shaping Up Your Second Life

Welcome to our new blog here at Shapes By Kira

My name is Tesa Jewell and I will be your host or blogger or oh whatever you want to call it. *Giggles* I thought about how to write this blog a lot and finally decided that the blogs I most enjoy are the ones that just feel as if I am chatting with them, so, that is how I am going to do mine as well. :P Therefore, expect emotes and my sense of humor here and there. I am very excited to take on this job for several reasons but number one is all the great work I get to show you from the designers here at Flawless. Trust me, you are going to see some real goodies, and not just shapes. We have a wide range of items that I will show you in the coming weeks.

Our Current location at Flawless is preparing for the grand re-opening on our new build and we would like to invite all of you to join us! More on that to come, right now, I am going to start by showing you the work of the multi-talented Kira Paderborn owner of Shapes By Kira. She really makes awesome shapes, a very wide variety and diversity. You will find male and female shapes of all ethnic backgrounds as well as full avatar packages.

Okay, first up we have Madelyn

Madelyn product credits
Skin : B&B Skins and More - Generation Zero [6] Seico
Hair : H2L - Aya
Clothes : Girlie -Independent

Originally designed for Fashioncentric Soda's Madelyn skin, Madelyn is young and cute and more petite than some of the other shapes you will find around Shapes by Kira. She is part of a new line that will be introduced to the ever growing shape collection at the main store with the re-opening of the Flawless sim. Right now, you can find Madelyn at Fashioncentric Soda, sold along side the Madelyn skins.

Next is Mims

Mims product credits
Skin : B&B Skins and More - Generation One [12] Cinco Fantastico
Hair : Zero Style - Nao
Top : Digit Darkes - Kitty Cat
Pants : SFD : Pirate Punk Pants - red

Mims is very sexy and curvy. She looks great in almost any skin you put her in. Whether you are neko or vampire, faerie or human, Mims fits the look. She is pictured, here, in one of the most popular B&B skins but try her in skins from Good Morning Rainbow and Fashioncentric Soda too!


Kira Paderborn said...

Yayy!!!! I would like to say a special thank you to Tesa for taking on the huge project of getting this blog together. Tesa has been a dear friend for a long time and I knew she would be perfect for this. I know you will all get to love her just as I do, as she brings her personality to this blog along with her great sense of style and quest for the best fashion in Second Life. I hope to see you all at Flawless!

TeSa said...

Awww *blushes* Thank you Kira