Dec 21, 2008

Armoire-Diversity Challenge

Well, Kira and I decided we could do the Armoire-Diversity Challenge easily seeing that Kira dresses male shapes all the time. Well, I still found it pretty challenging...Its hard to look good in alot of the mens clothing out there o.O

Here is Kira's, of course she spent like 2 minutes dressing and looks totally awesome. Great job on the photo too.

Here are mine, I did have fun doing this challenge, I would see guys that looked good and I would inspect his prims and head to that store lol. So I am not going to give names of where I got the stuff, because I didn't keep track. I went through so many different outfits, If you see something you want to know where it came from, just IM or email me, I will look it up for you.

Okay, this next one, looked better in my head then the photo, course it was on a man in my head. *giggles*

Would be way HOT on a smexxxy man right?

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