Apr 20, 2009

New Shoes and how about some 1 prim QUALITY furniture

Hi again! I know I am full of newness today, what can I say, I am on a roll. I have new shoes this time and new HIGH QUALITY furniture that is only 1 prim each item. O.o I kid you not. First, SHOOOOZ! YAY!

Jimmy Chau has released a new heel to his growing collection, and it is now available at both Corrupted Innocence and Flawless. If you are a Shoe girl like me, this will make you super excited, and these are way cute!

The Shibaru heel is all kinds of classy and sexy both! It has a super high heel which is accented in metal, with a little chain subtly trailing off the back to add a dash of spicy detail.

Available in 4 colors: Black, Purple, Red and Sunny.

Price for each is L$399 or
FatPack ( 4 for the price of 3 ) L$1197

Come visit Jimmy's stores here at Corrupted Innocence or Flawless and pick up your pair.

I also would like to show you what else we now have here at Corrupted Innocence. Tired of running out of prims all the time, or keeping count of your used prim number, but do not want crapy quality furniture? We all deal with this at one time or another, but, I have good news for you. *Grins*

Ponk Bing IS the master sculpty maker, if you don't believe me then you need to come take a look. Ponk can make almost anything you ask him to in one prim, yes, one prim. It will not be crapy textures or look like one prim, it is good well done high quality stuff.

Ponk has just decided to put his things up for sale. Before this he wasn't interested in selling his creations. He enjoyed the process, the figuring out how to build whatever he was working on. Then it was shoved away into his inventory. But we have finally convinced him that people need these items. People have such limited prims but don't want poor quality in trade. He is now selling his creations! Come to Corrupted Innocence to have a look at them and try them out before you buy.

It is absolutely amazing to watch Ponk at work. I have yet to stump him on an item. He has always been able to make what we suggest and in one prim. Anyway, let me show you a few of his items. Although, the pictures do not do this stuff justice, you really need to come see them.

The Couches and Chairs are available in a variety of colors and both have multiple sit animations.

Remember, all are only 1 prim. See that bookshelf? I am still in shock I guess, You really need to see this.
Corrupted Innocence

Tesa Jewell

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