Apr 9, 2009

When I went to the RFL clothing fair I stumbled upon the store ElDee and fell in love immediatly. The RFL dress was the first thing I bought when I saw how well made it was and so adorable, I knew I had to get more of this designer; Lilyana Dryke's creations. The RFL dress and some other outfits at the fair have that pirate feel, but not so much that they look like a costume or something. Which fit with the the theme of her store there which was a pirate type ship, too cute. Anyway, I proceeded to buy about one of everything there, then I went to her main store, and found even more that I proceeded to get. That is another perk with Lilyana's things, they are very reasonably priced.

I IM'd friends to tell them about this little gold mine I found, some had already found her and never told me! The nerve! Anyway a couple days pass and then Poohta (the manager over ALBERO) IM's me and informs me that we now have ElDee at ALBERO! I was like oh YAY I have all of her stuff so I can easily get some pictures taken & blog her right away. I was excited to get to show you all. But, it doesn't end there. Then I am back at work at my main place which is Corrupted Innocence/Flawless where Kira and I were working on preperations for our media review party. I go to show her some of the ElDee stuff I found and she says, "oh I asked her to join Corrupted Innocence" LOL. So, now ElDee has a store here as well. The other night Lilyana and I hung out for a while and she is the sweetest girl, I am so pleased to have this talented designer nice and close so I get to see all new releases from here out. WOOT.

Okay, lets get on to the pictures!

First up is the Viva and Thaana. These are perfect spring dresses. They are sleeveless, bright spring colors in layers of airy flowing fabric finished off with pretty ribbon ties. This is just a sample of the many colors available, so please visit to see the entire selection.


Next is the Kiki. Kiki also comes in more colors then the sample I have shown here. This ensemble includes high waist trousers that sort of have a sailor pant feel to them with a beautiful silky halter top and a scarf to finish off.The textures are just beautiful subtle hints of color bring it together perfectly.


The Kali Dress is an plaid print with ruffles layered under the knee length skirt, the back has cute ribbon that ties in a small bow adding a little extra spark to the back of the dress. These look great in many different ways too, heels for a casual dress or put on some engineer boots and stockings and change it up completely.


Ok, now my naughty and nice duo. The Panze, which is the 'nice', is full of colorful pansy's on a light springy/summer fabric. The Zana on the other hand is a bit on the more risque side, showing more skin and no flowers here, it's time to get wild when you put Zana on.


My last item to show you, is one which I feel very close too, being that I wore it for like a week straight, or it felt like I did. I had camera resolution trouble with the new viewer and had to retake these photos 3 times LOL (don't ask, i'm still sort of new so haven't learned some things that I am choosing to learn the hard way, I like to do things the hard way, waist time and get behind on everything. It's cool *insert sarcastic face*). Anyway, the Culpa and I, spent a lot of time together and I can't tell you how many compliments I received when wearing it. I will just leave it there that is all that needs to be said.


That concludes this post FINALLY! *flops down on her back letting out a sigh of relief* hehe So now the ball is in your court, visit Corrupted Innocence and check out ElDee. I did mention how reasonable her prices are, right?

Tesa Jewell

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