Apr 30, 2009

Fashionable Relay Challenge 33

FINALLY, it is my turn for the Fashionable Relay Challenge that Sasy Scarborough started nearly three months ago! Yay, I have been waiting for this. And a big thanks to Nieve Thor for putting together such a great outfit that I had a hard time choosing which one thing I wanted to use. The only item that I had from her blog was the Digit Darkes Tulle Skirt in Black which was used in Zoe Demar's blog challenge and then re-used by Nieve. So that was out of the running straight off the bat. The next thing that really caught my eyes was the red choker from *ICING*. So, I ran out and bought it straight away to build my outfit around it. However, after gathering the things I wanted to wear, I decided that the look I had was too, ummmm, normal. So, I neatly packed away the choker for later use and ran out to get the +plus*Summer Essence Bangle in Red* from +Plus! I think in the end, I put together an outfit that reflects my personality.

I created a special makeup for myself using one of the skins from my new Flawless Skins line called Envy. I will be selling this skin by request only at the moment as my skins are not ready for a full release (I am finishing up the makeup options still.) and along with that, I wore the Envy shape which was created especially for photographing the skins. Envy is also available on request and will soon be sold at Corrupted Innocence to the general public.

When I signed up for this challenge, I was hoping that I would be able to use a skirt made by my friend Daphne Daehlie at her ve.ne'ra.re store. It is a black chiffon skirt that you can either wear with pants under or a system skirt. The pants are a little lower around the waist so they tend to show a bit of belly with tops that you wear it with. Shmexy! So, I had my bangles and my skirt and my red lipped skin and wanted to find a top that went with the skirt. Glancing at the bangles, I realized that they were the same color as the red Beverly top made by Candy Enoch of A Piece of Candy. So, I tried that with the skirt from ve.ne'ra.re and voila....I had the base of my outfit.

I wanted to wear shoes that were dressy but that were not what I call "hooker" shoes so I turned to another good friend, Kakaue Yoshikawa from Kakaue Kreation and dug into my inventory for a pair of peep toes that matched perfectly. The problem is that I was not crazy about the bare leg showing. It didn't go with the overall look that I was going for. A few weeks ago, when I went to +JILL+ I saw some great tights that were FREE! One of them was a black pair with a red diamond disign all over them. I decided to try them and was so happy when I saw how great they looked. They completely tied the look together.

I was looking for some rose colored pearls to go with the outfit and stumbled upon a hair rose from Usagui that was burried in my over 160,000 item inventory (yeah, I swear it is really that big) and when I saw it I knew I had to wear that and the H2L Kaori hair that it was made to go with. I didn't forget about my pearls, though, as it turns out, they were cranberry and not rose colored. They are from a great jewelry store called Bonita's Jewelry that has low priced items that are done really well. The thing I love about these pearls is that they are actually in two pieces. They can be worn as the long piece, or the choker part, or you can combine the two and wear them both at the same time. So creative!

So I looked at myself and thought that there was something missing. I needed a bit of shine......some bling, minus the bling. I grabbed my favorite belt from Ume Mode which has color changing parts and was looking for some earrings when I remembered that I had a monocle from Sanu that I got from the lucky chair. Earrings would have been mostly hidden by the hair but the monocle stood out perfectly and gave my outfit that last little piece of quirkiness that it needed to be me. In the end, I looked like a gypsy or a Spanish/Piratey/Librarian as one of my friends put it. I really liked the look and wanted a great way to display it. With my creamy white skin, I reminded myself of a porcelain doll. So I went looking for a shelf to place myself on. No need to look very far. I just ran down to Ponk Bing's 1 Prim Wonders store and grabbed one of the one prim shelves to place my accessories and myself on. I put me and all of the accessories on the top shelf and snapped away. Honestly, if you have not seen Ponk's things, OMG, you have to! That shelf I am standing on is only half of the shelf and Ponk's prices cannot be beat! The shelf is complete with books, and a vase ( on the lower section - not pictured) all for only ONE PRIM!!!

Honestly, I had a great time doing this challenge and I would like to thank Sasy for putting this all together and Nieve for giving me plenty to choose from with her blogged outfit. I am praying that Sasy likes something from my outfit since she is up next! To find out what Sasy puts together, check out her blog!

Shape - .::>>CI<<::. ENVY Shape (5'11") by Kira Paderborn http://slurl.com/secondlife/Corrupted%20Innocence/51/204/28
Skin - .::>>CI<<::. Envy Skin - SK - blood red/b&W/bl - TINTABLE http://slurl.com/secondlife/Corrupted%20Innocence/51/204/28

Eyes - *Shapes by Kira* Seriously Dark Brown Eyes - 01

Hair - -=H2L=- Kaori Black (middle)

Skirt - ve.ne'ra.re ** Chiffon Skirt ** Black http://slurl.com/secondlife/Flawless/202/226/29

Blouse - a piece 0f candy beverly red

Shoes - kk peep toe pump

Accessories -
+plus*Summer Essence Bangle in Red* http://slurl.com/secondlife/Yoho/157/164/88

*::UM::* Chain_belt


Cranberry Knotted & Long Bead Necklace http://slurl.com/secondlife/Malra/41/107/66
Cranberry Wrapped Bead Necklace http://slurl.com/secondlife/Malra/41/107/66

*Sanu Scribble Monocle (envy)

:::Usagui::: Rose HeadDress side


Sasy Scarborough said...

Beautiful :) and that skin is divine on you.


Summer Deadlight said...

This skin and photo reminds me of Catherine Zeta-Jones! Beautiful!!

TeSa said...

Awesome job Kira, so creative and I love the photos! YAY Go you!

Anonymous said...

lovely. You really look like a cross between gypsy and pirate.

Kira said...

yay! Thanks everyone! And yeah, Summer, Tesa told me that you had mentioned that and we definitely see a resemblance too to a few of her older pictures from her Zorro days. :D

Anonymous said...

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