Jun 21, 2009

Realistic Sculpted Toes For Shoe Designers

Les Orteils de Beaumont

Realistic Sculpted Toes for your new sexy shoe line!

Hi ya'll I have something new for you from Corrupted Innocence but it is more for you shoe designers who don't do sculpties but appreciate the sculptie toes now all around the grid. NEW TOES!

Hu Beaumont (aka Kira's other half) is a fantastic builder, scripter and, you guessed it, sculptor. He is also the lucky guy who gets to look at all the goodies Kira and I come home with from our shopping sprees, and with us, many times that means shoes/feet. So, I guess we inspired him or he was bored today or something but the outcome is new, pretty, scutlpted toes! Pick yours up at Corrupted Innocence, as you land come through main enterance and they are on the right wall next to the gift certificates.

- 5 sculpties for the toes (1 for each toe)
- 1 sculptie for the toe nail
- 1 example sculptie model which shows you how to put everything together
- High LOD

Made in AC3D

The sculptie maps may be used in both free or for-sale projects, but may not be given away, sold or otherwise distributed on their own.

Oh, BTW a little birdie told me that a brand new female skin is going to be released around here very soon, so stay posted!

Tesa Jewell

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