Jun 29, 2009


The Flawless Date Auction, Shapes by Kira and the Flawless sim, and the Corrupted Innocence sim bring you a very fun photo contest that does not require anyone to pay to vote for you. Contestants will pick up a free HUD, join the Flawless Date Auction and the Date Auction group, and take a picture of themselves wearing one item from either the Flawless or Corrupted Innocence sims. They must show an emotion with their picture. Photos will be judged by the contest owners. Prizes are as follows:

1st prize - $10,000L + $5,000L in gift certificates
2nd prize - $5000L + $2500L in gift certificates
3rd prize - $1000L + $1000L in gift certificates

For more information on the contest, visit the date auction at Flawless, SL's #1 date auction.

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