Feb 26, 2009

Call of the Nile Flickr Contest

As a tribute to all the designers participating in the Digital Alchemy event, Rezzable is hosting a flickr photo contest "Call of the Nile". Take a picture of any item from the Digital Alchemy event hosted at Kings Rezzable, and showcase it in a picture with an egyptian theme for your chance to win 10,000L and other prizes. This is a chance for your creativity to shine! Submissions begin today, with the group closing on March 4th. The winner will be announced at the Digital Alchemy show on the 7th and here on the site. Have fun everyone and can't wait to see what you come up with!

Submission begins Feb. 17th and ends March 4th. Results revealed on March 7th at 4am SLT at the Digital Alchemy show as well as on the Rezzable website.
Rules and Guidelines

* If you would like to take part in this contest, you must have an account on Flickr.
* All the submissions in the contest must be submitted to the “Call of the Nile” Flickr group.
* Maximum 2 entries per person.
* You must be wearing at least one item from the Digital Alchemy event located on the Kings Rezzable sim. Can be hair, shape, jewelry, skin, clothes, shoes, or furniture.
* The item chosen MUST be showcased prominently.
* Item must be given credit in the description.
* The photograph must have an Egyptian setting.
* No pornography allowed, let’s keep these photos PG-13.
* Post-processing is allowed.

Rezzable reserves the right to use the winning entries for promotional purposes, but will always supply proper attribution to the image’s flickr page or the owner of the flickr account of the winning entry.

One (1) winner

* Featured on the Rezzable website.
* 10,000L cash
* Your choice of any one (1) shape by Kira Paderborn of Corrupted Innocence and *Shapes by Kira*.
* An exclusive color of the Lotus necklace by Candy Cerveau of .::eyecandy::.. .
* 1000L store credit from Tabitha Ninetails of Laughing Academy.
* 2500L gift card from SySy Chapman of SySy's Designs.

That is some good prizes O.O

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