Feb 12, 2009


Shoes, shoes, OMG shoes! Those of you that know me, know how I am with shoes, I LOVEEEEE SHOES. Now I am in heaven, as we have two new shoe designers here at Flawless/Corrupted Innocence, and can we say YUMMY!

Today, I bring you Mr. Jimmy Chau (ha ha I know, I know, cute huh), well so are his creations. You will want to lick these shoes. Jimmy is an experienced 3D modeler and graphic designer. He has always been an admirer of shoe design and has come to a point in his life where he has the opportunity to explore that with his 3D and graphic talent. Therefore, WE reep the benefits! YAY!

He currently has 5 different styles out and each comes in 4 different colors. But he is cranking out new colors and more designs as we speak. So, I am going to show you what is available thus far, then I will keep you posted on new releases as they come. Sound good? Shoooooes! *bounces*

First up is the Bettie, a super high heel sculpted ankle boot with zipper and tab detailing, made in shiny patent leather.

Lily is the classic stiletto of the group, the shape of the toe has such a gradual curve it will make both round toe lovers and square toe lovers BOTH happy.

The Cougar is for those wild nights, for when you want to add some extra spice to your look.

Miki is for you wedge lovers out there.

Yumiko brings a little more of a warmer weather look with the open toe design.

The quality of these shoes are amazing, I think his love for shoe design is shown in his work. Realistic sculpted sexyness for your tootsies, nahm nahm.

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