Feb 16, 2009


As promised, I bring you the next shoe from the one and only Jimmy Chau. These are delicious beauties, as we would only expect from Jimmy.

The Surudoi is a pointy toed slinky, ultra high stiletto. As all of his shoes they are fully sculpted and hand textured. I have to say here, that I am not a pointy toed type girl myself, but the point on the toe is very umm subtle or something, I cannot pinpoint exactly, but I like them. It might have something to do with the way Jimmy's shoes fit me so well. When I try on a demo and look at both feet, wow do you see the great fit. I was going to post a picture to show you, but I don't want to show something negative about another designers shoes because believe me I love all of the shoes in my inventory. No bias here, I want all the shoes on the grid.

Available in 4 colors; Black, Blue, Red and my favorite, Pink.

Visit Jimmy's store here at Flawless
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