Feb 9, 2009

Free Male and Female Skin and matching his & hers loungewear


Hi hi!!!

I am getting ready for the opening of my second sim, Corrupted Innocence, and wanted to share with you some of the juicy goodness that you will be able to find on the new sim. As you may know, Corrupted Innocence is a brand developed by both Alexxis Laszlo and me where we sell our products together. We both offer a wide range of shapes including caucasian, Asian, African, Egyptian, Hispanic, and other nationalities for both males and females. We each also have our own line of skin. They will be sold on the new sim. Some of the male skins as well as the Egyptian shapes can be found at the new sim already.

I would like to present a gift of FREE SKIN and FREE CLOTHES to all group members as a thank you to you all, for Valentine's day. You will find these gifts at both the Shapes by Kira main store at Flawless and the Corrupted Innocence store on the Corrupted Innocence sim. You must be a member of either group to get the free gifts and to join there is a small charge of 25L because of the free goodies.

Here are some pictures of the free gifts as well as the Egyptian shapes and skins.

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