Feb 24, 2009

These Boots Are Made For Walking

We Haz Go Go Boots! Kakaue of Kakaue Kreation has made these awesome new boots, and they are lickalicious. These came to be because Kira found a picture of these boots online and fell in love with them. She then begged Kakaue to make them for her and BAM! we reap the benefits too. YAY! Here is the photo that inspired.

They come in 9 different colors, or if you buy the special, you get all colors and the optional rings. The hud changes both the color of the boot and the rings. With the rings you can pick any color you want in the color pallet. These have really great textures and if you do get the special package with color change they are quite useful for many different looks. In my opinion, the boots without the rings create a whole different look than with them, and the different colors give off a different feel as well. I think maybe because of the texture - whatever it is, it works well.

Kakaue is fairly new to our sim, although not new to the grid. Kakaue's shoes are taking a new direction now that they are made from sculpties, and by the look of the work and detail of this new style, I think we all should keep an eye on this designer. If you are a shoe addict like me, we have to keep an eye out for new candy, right? Come check out the store, Kakaue Kreation here at Corrupted Innocence, and try out a demo.

Okay enough of me rambling on - here are the goods!


Kit Maitland said...

ZOMG...these boots are AWESOME...how have I missed this til now?!!! <333

Anonymous said...

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